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In goes the furniture…

27 Jun

  I have always had a specific layout for the Cruiser in mind. I knew I wanted a queen bed, a desk, and a dinette up front. The only hard part was getting it all in there. Actuall,y using basic 1×2’s and a Kregg-screw system, I was surprised how easy it was to make custom […]

It’s hotter than…

16 Jun

When working on something like an Airstream, you realize how much effort goes into either heating something up or cooling something down. Refrigerators, freezers, ovens, air conditioners, fireplaces, water heaters….we are pretty finicky creatures! On this post I want to talk about the most important, and arguably least important of the lot: the fireplace, and water […]

1, 2, 3, Floor!

13 Jun

  Once the paint was done we moved quickly to install the flooring. We were looking for a few things; something attractive, affordable, durable, and would give strength to the nearly 60 year old sub-floor. While we replaced the rotten sections of the sub-floor; extra strength in an old trailer is always a plus. Chris recommended UV coated plywood. […]

Part Deuce

8 Jun

  I apologize for the “brief” intermission in the blog over the past few weeks. Chris and I have been so crazy busy on getting not one, but TWO Airstreams up to running speed, that blogging had to take a backseat. Going forward I am going to continue blogging about the construction efforts that have […]

Fantastic Fans!

3 May

Yes, I am poking through the roof of my Airstream! Why? Well only to install a Fantastic Fan! (No, that is their actual name, I am not being cute.) Controlling airflow in a small space is very important. If you can imagine cooking and showering where you do everything else, air quality becomes very important. These fans […]