In goes the furniture…

27 Jun


I have always had a specific layout for the Cruiser in mind. I knew I wanted a queen bed, a desk, and a dinette up front. The only hard part was getting it all in there. Actuall,y using basic 1×2’s and a Kregg-screw system, I was surprised how easy it was to make custom furniture once Chris showed me the basics. I stayed realistic about my time frame and went for the simplest furniture possible. I knew that my outlook on things would change dramatically once I lived in it for a while, so I was just determined to meet the deadline with a good product. In the front I wanted a simple dinette. I would use the walls of the Airstream as the back of the bench with pillows lining it. (eventually) The street side bench above would house storage and a small freezer underneath. And the curb side bench would be a bookshelf and shoe cubby.

The kitchen was mainly there, it just needed some basic repairs.



The bed was just framed in using the same method. Here you can see it with the OSB top. Its 60″ wide and about 76″ long. The water heater, and electrical is under the bed. The rest was compartmentalized with storage in mind. Some around the edges is easily accessible, and others is not…I call it the attic.


Alongside of the bed is my desk. Here you can see the legs/shelves of the desk installed. My basic idea was that I could sit on the bed and treat it like a real desk or recline back on the bed and surf the net with a wireless keyboard and mouse.



Finally, I put a nice coat of poly on everything. I used birch plywood as much as I could, and I found a few pieces that were really beautiful. Above, you can see one of the curves that makes building furniture a little tricky in the “silver bullet.” However one nice thing is that you can screw everything down to the ground, securing it. On the left is a bench top and the other is the desk top. I had no idea what a “face-frame” was or how to use Kregg Screws, before this project, but it was actually really fun making my own furniture for the Airstream. When utility is your biggest concern sometimes you inadvertently make something attractive! (If I do say so myself!) I am hoping to borrow a nice camera in the next few days to shoot the up-to-date progress for the blog, so check back soon!

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