An Airstream Wedding…

18 Apr

Well, it has been a long while since I have updated this blog. You may have already guessed the reason, but it was because of a girl. Hopefully you recall why I undertook this project: to move closer to my girlfriend and then to marry her. At the time everyone thought I was a little crazy. I had a great job that I quit, I left a respected Master’s program (don’t worry I am going back), and I bought an old beat up trailer and invested all of my time/money into it. I am pretty sure the only people who didn’t think I was completely crazy were my girlfriend Rebecca and my brother Chris; both of whom were utterly important in the project succeeding. As you already know it did succeed and I got it done in time for the move. (All in a total of 3 months!)

Now I have been living in it for almost a year and Rebecca is now my wife! *Double high-five* In fact we are currently both full-timing in it! Its been a blast so far and hopefully I (we) will now begin to write about living in our Airstream love shack. But for now I will share with you some of my favorite shots of the wedding. For me, these pictures represent a gamble paid off. (A big thank-you to Justin Wright) Yes, it was crazy. Yes, many people doubted it would even happen, let alone work out. (Especially when I mentioned the Humanure┬átoilet!) Yes, there were some dark, hard, painful 14 hour days. But I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. None of it would have been possible except for Chris and Mary supporting me, feeding me, and teaching me in the ways of Airstreaming. I now firmly believe everyone should experience the thrill of casting caution to the wind and diving in head first-especially when its dangerous. The move, the Airstream, and my new marriage will be the some of the proudest moments of my life…

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  1. Leigh April 20, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    Congratulations! I love the romance and of course your trailer. Thanks for sharing!

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