Our Story

We are two brothers, both on Airstream adventures.

My name is Chris and I am the second of four brothers.  There are three older brothers that were close in age, and then Andrew came along.  I have a ten year head start on him.  Pre-Andrew, we  grew up camping, either in our 70’s popup or just in our tent.  Our father worked for the school system when we were young, and we would take month long vacations during the summer breaks.  Living in Valejo CA gave us easy access to many of the state parks out west.  At one point we are looking for a newer camper, and I remember looking at an Airstream with my parents.  I was probably 5 or 6 but I still remember the silver trailer.

When Andrew came along, my parents had a Transvan which we took everywhere.  In fact I used to go on dates with it being it was our spare car.  Andrew even accompanied on a few.  My first Airstream was when I was 24.  It was a 1958 Flying Cloud.  Unfortunately I sold the trailer when I moved to Colorado.  Now in my 30’s I have a 1964 Overlander and a parts Safari of the same year.

So follow along in our adventures as we travel, live in, and restore our Airstreams.