Part Deuce

8 Jun

  I apologize for the “brief” intermission in the blog over the past few weeks. Chris and I have been so crazy busy on getting not one, but TWO Airstreams up to running speed, that blogging had to take a backseat. Going forward I am going to continue blogging about the construction efforts that have […]

Fantastic Fans!

3 May

Yes, I am poking through the roof of my Airstream! Why? Well only to install a Fantastic Fan! (No, that is their actual name, I am not being cute.) Controlling airflow in a small space is very important. If you can imagine cooking and showering where you do everything else, air quality becomes very important. These fans […]

How to fabricate a 50’s eyebrow drip cap

1 May

Here is the original eyebrow above my brothers head.  It was fairly dented with numerous holes.  The aluminum is .022 and fairly soft.  After removal, its hard to put something so corroded on a nice trailer.  So here is how I fabricated a new one starting with tic sticking and ending with some hand bending. […]

Conquering the Black Tank

29 Apr

My 64 Overlander came with one waste tank in the rear of the trailer.  It was fiberglass, surrounded with insulation and a rotting galvanized encasement, or casket as I came to call it.  As soon as I knew I needed to replace the rear floor, I pulled the whole mess out.  Some people luck out […]

The Airstream Operating Room: The New Sutures

24 Apr

When I left you last time, things did not look so well. We had found 3 of the framing members, under the kitchen/bathroom floor and hanging on for dear life. Not to mention the floor was rotten in that area do to pipe leaks. So, we had no choice but to dive right in. And […]